Though the Liberal Democrats would seek to abolish the role of Police and Crime Commissioner, Kris believes until that happens that the Police Commssioner should be the voice of the people to the police.  Not the other way round.

As Merseyside's next Police Commssioner, Kris will:

  • Seek to end knife, gun and other violent crimes - not just through greater enforcement but through tackling the route causes linked to health inequality and education.
  • Facilitate an evidence based conversation around drugs reform and reform how police resources are used in this area - in particular relation to the use of cannabis.
  • As part of the Liberal Democrats UK wide plan to invest an extra £300 million a year into police budgets, Kris will increase community policing in Merseyside by giving local police forces the funding they need to reverse the increase in violent crime, boost community confidence and increase the flow of community intelligence. Promote a community restorative justice programme to target those at risk of offending.
  • Protect civil liberties, by not allowing the use of facial recognition cameras like that in London. 
  • Lobby the government every day, from being elected until he leaves office, to abolish the role of elected Police Commissioner, saving at least £800,000 a year - money that could be spent on front line policing.
  • Keep the police accountable by returning to the Neighbourhood Police forum model so that local councillors and residents can feel connected to their local police teams.
  • Despite Brexit, work to maintain cross-border co-operation in combating serious organised crime, including international fraud and child sexual exploitation, by retaining the European Arrest Warrant, membership of Europol and access to EU information databases.
  • Work with organisations such as the National Black Police Association to increase ethnic diversity and BAME participation in the police.
  • Provide more support for victims of rape and domestic abuse.
  • Create a new participation fund to attract more women into the police and its leadership positions.

To help Kris and the Liberal Democrats build a wider manifesto for the 2020 elections, we need to hear from you.  

Tell us your views on crime and policing to help Kris put people first and shape the Liberal Democrat campaign.

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